How to Ride

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Wave Policy:

The MVRTA does not have any fixed stops; we run on a wave down policy. The times on the schedules tell you when the bus will drive by at that location.

To get on the bus: Wave to the driver as the bus is approaching. You must be on the same side of the street as the bus and in a safe spot.

To get off the bus: When you see the bus is nearing your destination point, alert the driver by pressing the yellow signal tape that runs vertically between the windows.

No Stop Zones:

No Stop Zone is an area that the MVRTA has designated as too dangerous or unsafe for the bus to stop at, therefore passengers can not get on or off the bus within this No Stop Zone.

To find schedules:

All schedules are available online and are print friendly. Schedules are also available on all buses, both the Haverhill and Lawrence Transit Centers, and at our main office in Haverhill.

Lost and Found:

If you have lost something on one of our vehicles, give us a call at 978-469-6878 option 2, between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday-Friday. Be advised that the MVRTA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles and can not use our video monitors to find out what happened to your missing items. MVRTA will retain all found items for a period of 30 days.