Winter Storm – Friday, January 7, 2022

We are operating on a regular weekday schedule during the storm,  routes will be on snow detour, expect delays.

The snow detours are as follow:

  • Route 15 Outbound/Inbound:  Bypass Locust/Winter/High/Grove/Broadway. Proceed from Essex St. through Lafayette Square to Hilldale Ave.
  • Route 16 Outbound weekends: River St, R-Lowell Ave, L) Rockland St. L) Broadway L) Carlton R) Lowell Ave to West Gate Plaza.  Inbound weekends: From West Gate Plaza, L-Lowell Ave, L-River St to HTS.  WEEKDAYS: River St to Lowell Ave. Service Westgate Plaza first; R-Lowell Ave, L) Rockland L) Broadway R) Computer Dr. to Target L) Broadway R) Carlton R) Lowell Ave L) River St. back to HTS.
  • Route 18 Outbound/Inbound: Bypass Mill/Boardman/Buttonwood.  Utilize Water St. to next traffic light L) on Groveland St. R) on Keeley St. L) on Brown St. to Kennedy Circle.
  • Route 21 Outbound/ Inbound: Bypass Ballard Vale Senior Center, Frye Circle and Doctor’s Park.  Bypass Railroad/Central and School St.; stay on Route 28 straight over the bridge.
  • Route 32 Inbound:  Stay straight on Route 28 bypassing Central and Railroad St.
  • Route 34 Outbound: From MVRTA parking lot L) Canal St to Marston St L) on Ferry St. L) on Prospect St. then resume regular routing.
  • Route 35: At Dana Farber Cancer Center turn around in Cul de sac; do not go up the hill.
  • Route 36: Bypass Berkeley and Swan St; go directly to Holy Family Hospital, upon entering the driveway stay to the left and service the rear parking lot where there is a turnaround point. (Hospital is notified to send passengers to the rear lot).
  • Route 37: Outbound: L-Beacon St. R) Glenn St. L) Andover St.. Inbound: (After servicing the Marriott Springhill); R-North Street, L-Mt Vernon, L-Jefferson then resume regular routing.
  • Route 39A Outbound/Inbound: Bypass Doctor’s Park and Woodridge Housing (Stand by @ NA Mall until Inbound departure time)
  • Route 39B Outbound: Phillips St. R) on Exeter St. L) on Winthrop Ave. Reverse on Inbound.
  • Route 40 Outbound/ Inbound: Bypass Union/Railroad/Oakland St.
  • Route 51: Emerson/White St, Bypass Welcome St. Utilize Elliott St. to NECC  if it is open,  after Merri-Village take left on School St., left on Green St., right on Locust St. back to Rte. 110)
  • Route 54: Bypass Anna Jaques Hospital. Utilize Johnson St. from High St. to Low St. and vice versa
  • Route 57: Bypass James Steam Mill; Bypass Anna Jaques Hospital.

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