All of our fixed routes are fare-free starting March 1, 2022.


Cash and Charlie Cards are accepted on our Boston Commuter bus.

Learn how to use the MVRTA Charlie Card:

  • Charlie Card Payment: To pay with a Charlie Card, simply tap your card to the orange target on the farebox.  The proper fare will automatically be deducted from your card. The card is compatible with the MBTA and LRTA fareboxes as well.  You only need 1 card in order to ride all systems where Charlie Cards are accepted!
  • How do I add stored value onto my Charlie Card?  Stored value can be added on the bus at the farebox.  Let the driver know that you intend to add money to your card so they can set the farebox properly, tap your card, insert the money, and tap your card again to pay for the ride you are taking then.
  • What if I already have a Charlie Card?  If you have stored value on it, you can use it the same way you would on the MBTA.
  • How much money can I add to my card?  You can add up to $100 on a full fare Charlie Card or $40 on a ½ fare card.  You must add a minimum of $5 at a time.
  • Other Important Notes:  At the farebox, if you are doing something other than paying a fare (ie. adding value to your card or checking your balance) please inform the driver of your intentions before putting money into the box or tapping your Charlie Card. Not doing this could result in an improper fare being deducted.

The MBTA Charlie Card is also accepted at these fares. Learn more about the CharlieCard here.

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Lost & Damaged Charlie Cards

Lost, stolen, and damaged Charlie Cards should be reported immediately to preserve as much value as possible. Riders are responsible for fares while lost, stolen, or damaged Charlie Cards issues are resolved.