Boston Commuter FAQs

Are there morning trips from Boston to Andover, Lawrence and Methuen?

No, only on afternoon runs. Buses go out of service in Boston on morning runs.

Do I have to call and schedule a ride?

No, just go to one of the commuter bus stops as stated on the schedule and wave the bus down.

What do I do if the bus hasn’t arrived at my stop at the scheduled time?

Call our customer service number, 978-469-6878, option 2 to find out the status of the bus. If calling before 8am or after 5pm, call 978-468-6878 ext. 144.

Can I purchase a monthly pass at one of the bus stations and use it on the commuter bus?

No, monthly passes are only to be purchased for our fixed route services. We do sell 10 ride passes which can be purchased on the commuter bus.

How many passengers does the Boston Commuter Bus hold?

Our commuter buses going from North Andover to Boston are 40 feet long and hold 48 people without a wheelchair. With a wheelcair on board our buses hold 45 passengers.
Our commuter buses going from Methuen to Boston are 45 feet long and hold 57 people without a wheelchair. With a wheelchair on board our buses hold 55 passengers.

Are the Boston Commuter Buses accessible for persons in wheelchairs?

All MVRTA buses, including the Boston Commuter Buses, are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with lifts.

Can I bring my bicycle on the Boston Commuter Buses?

Yes, you can store your bike in the luggage compartment in the belly of the bus.

How do I catch the Commuter Bus?

The Boston Commuter Bus operates on a flag/wave down policy and has fixed stops. To flag/wave down the bus, wait on the correct side of the road that the bus will be traveling, and as the bus approaches simply wave to the driver, who will stop in a safe location for you to board. There are certain locations that are not safe for the bus to stop at. Please email marketing for more information on “no stop” zones on the Boston Commuter Bus, or call 978-469-6878 option 2.