Social Media Policy

Please respect your fellow readers and exercise appropriate restraint in submitting a post. MeVa Transit reserves the right to delete any post that contains language or imagery which: is off topic, is defamatory, compromises public safety or operations, disparages a group or individual on the basis of ethnicity race, gender, religion, age disability or sexual orientation, is commercial, contravenes law, contains spam, invades personal privacy, has sexual content, is obscene, includes any link to another site, or infringes on a copy-right or other proprietary right.

MeVa Transit is not responsible for any information that gets released by another party: unless you protect your updates, messages you post on any of the social media platforms and received by the MeVa may be public records and may also be publicly available.

Thank you for following the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (MeVa Transit) on social media. Whether you follow “Merrimack Valley Transit” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn the follow information applies to all platforms.

The social media page provides more information about MeVa Transit, including upcoming events and public notifications. For more information about the MVRTA, please visit

Please note that users of this site are subject to the specific platform’s Terms of Service.  This may include the collection and/or dissemination of personal identifying information.  This collection and/or dissemination is beyond the control of MeVa Transit, and may not be governed or limited by those state, federal, and local laws or policies applicable to MeVa Transit.  Users should consult the platform’s Terms of Service for more information.

Any information posted on the MeVa Transit’s page is considered public information and subject to the Massachusetts Public Records Law.  As such, content may be permanently archived and treated as a public record in accordance with applicable law.  Users have no expectation of privacy in anything posted on this account/feed.  Users should also consult the platform’s Privacy Policy.

MeVa Transit’s social media site(s) are designed to serve as a forum for interaction with residents of the communities served by MeVa Transit.  Even so, the MeVa Transit’s account/feed is moderated, and users should follow basic rules when using this service.  For instance, we ask that you are respectful in your actions and comments.  Please do not post:

  • Profanity, abusive language, or personal/character attacks
  • Material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful or embarrassing to any other individual or entity (as determined by MeVa Transit’s Administration)
  • Advertisements or business solicitations
  • Chain letters or “spam”

Furthermore, please respect the intellectual property of others, and do not tweet/post content that infringes upon the copyright or other legal ownership interest or another party.

MeVa Transit reserves the right to remove any tweets/posts that we deem inappropriate or offensive, or copyright infringing, including but not limited to tweets/posts containing any of the above-identified content.  We also reserve the right to terminate involvement by individuals who tweet/post such content.  For your safety, never include personal identifying information, such as your home address, phone number, or email address, in a tweet/post.  Your comments are visible to all visitors/subscribers to this Twitter account.

The views and opinions contained on this account/feed do not necessarily represent those of the MeVa Transit Administration. MeVa Transit cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, currency or reliability of information posted by external parties.