miniMeVa FAQs

Can I get my application expedited?

Yes, there are times where we will expedite the application depending on the medical needs of the passenger requesting the expedition.

Should I tip drivers?

No, drivers are not allowed to accept tips.

Can I make a same day change on my destination?

No, there are no same day changes, only same day cancellations. Because of the large number of riders we transport daily, to change a ride would cause too many late trips, and the service would not run smoothly for everyone else.

If my appointment is at 10:00am and I get picked up and brought there at 9:45am why do I have to wait until 11:00am or later for a return ride?

All pickups need to be scheduled at least an hour from the time you requested to be at your appointment. The reason for this is because at the time of booking we do not know the exact time the driver will be dropping you off at, this is something we can never predict. Therefore in order for us to schedule you for a return we need to have a time set in the system and due to the high volume of passengers riding the Special service van daily we have to request at least an hour from your appointment request so we can accommodate everyone’s needs.

Can I choose what Vehicle I want to pick me up in?

No. We use two vendors for our overflow passengers. One has vans that look the same as theĀ miniMeVa vans and one utilizes black sedans. Since the amount of passengers vary daily, passengers cannot choose what vehicle will come pick them up.

Will I have a shared ride?

Like the bus service, the van service is a shared ride service. This means people may be picked up or dropped off while you are on the van, if you are going to similar destinations.

How long could I be on a vehicle?

The amount of time on a van is dependent on where you are going. The trip will never be longer then what it would take a person who was using our fixed bus route to take that exact trip, while taking into account: walking time to and from a bus stop, waiting time for a bus, in vehicle time and transfer times (if any).

Can I bring my pet?

While service animals are always welcome, pets must be in a carrier and on your lap while they are in the vehicle.

What happens if I’m running late?

If you are out somewhere (the doctor’s office is a good example) and think that you will be late for your ride, we ask that you call us as soon as possible. We will put you on a “waitlist,” which means that when you are finished with your appointment, you must call us to let us know that you are ready. At that point, we will see if we have any drivers free to come pick you up. This may require you to wait for a bit, as no drivers may be available immediately, but we do guarantee a ride.