Boston/Peabody Medi-MeVa

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Medi-MeVa is an advanced phone request service for mini MeVa passengers which provides Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday service from the Merrimack Valley Area to Boston Hospitals and the Lahey Clinic in Peabody.

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Serving Boston hospitals and medical centers including:
Days of Operation
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday

Boston Hospitals

All customers will ride the AM van trip to Boston. Passengers with the earliest appointments will be dropped off first. The mini MeVa van will depart Boston no later than 3:30 PM.

Lahey Clinic

All customers will ride the AM van trip to Peabody. The mini MeVa van will depart Peabody no later than 3:30 PM.




Anyone who is registered as a mini MeVa customer or anyone over the age of 60 that resides in North Reading will be eligible for the Medi-MeVa Service. ADA-eligible individuals will have reservation priority.

All Medi-MeVa customers must be pre-registered in order to use the service. Customers who are not current mini MeVa Services users must register with the mini MeVa Office at telephone (978) 469-6878, “Option 3”. Registration must be completed and the data entered in mini MeVa’s reservations system prior to any reservation for the mini MeVa Peabody/Boston Medical Service being accepted. Customers should allow at least three weeks for the application to be processed and approved.

How to Make a Reservation

Call the Merrimack Valley Transit’s mini MeVa Office at (978) 469-6878 Option 3. Reservations must be made at least one week (7 days) in advance, and may be made no more than 14 days in advance. Be prepared to provide the date of travel, the pick-up location, the destination (which medical center), the time of the appointment, and the physician’s or medical center contact information.

Three days prior to the customer’s appointment, the Merrimack Valley Transit’s mini MeVa Office will call you to verify the appointment and give an estimated pickup time. Please be ready 15 minutes before the time given. Be advised that the van could be up to 15 minutes late.