Haverhill Intermodal Parking Facility

The Haverhill Parking Garage, with 315 new parking spaces, opened on November 1, 2011. It is owned by the MVRTA and managed by LAZ Parking Inc.

For more information call the garage at (978)372-9571.

Parking Rates (Day):

0-1 hours $1
1-2 hours $2
2-4 hours $3
4-18 hours $4
18-24 hours $8

Parking Rates (Night, 5pm – 2am)

0-3 hours $1
3-6 hours $2
6-9 hours $3

Lost tickets pay full 24 hr. rate.

Monthly Parking

$80 / month per vehicle

Using The Garage

– Gated entrance and exit is on Granite Street.
– At entrance, press button on kiosk to receive your ticket and the gate will rise.
– Before returning to your car, stop at the payment kiosk in the first floor lobby.
– Scan your ticket at the payment kiosk and pay the indicated amount by credit card or cash.

-Payment can be made at the gate with credit card only.

-Scan ticket at the exit gate to exit.