About MeVa Transit

Merrimack Valley Transit (MeVa) is the Regional Transit Authority serving sixteen cities and towns in the northeast corner of Massachusetts.  MeVa’s service district is anchored by the Merrimack River and centered on the gateway cities of Lawrence, Haverhill, and Methuen, while also extending to the seacoast, as well as more rural and suburban comminates further south and east of the river. MeVa carries 2.8 million riders per year on its family of local and intercity bus routes, mini MeVa paratransit, a seasonal beach bus, and future ferry service! MeVa was first established under Massachusetts law as the MVRTA back in 1974 (50 years ago!), and began operations in 1976.

Over the last several years, MeVa has implement several exciting initiatives to increase access and opportunity across the region, including going fare-free systemwide, doubling frequencies in Lawrence, extending service later into the evening, adding Sunday service, optimizing routes, extending fixed route bus service to Groveland and mini MeVa paratransit to Rowley and the Bedford VA for the first time, establishing MeVa as a great and inclusive place to work, and rebranding the look and feel of vehicles and spaces to be more visible, welcoming and responsive to the culturally and linguistically rich comminates MeVa serves.

Whether you live, work or are just visiting the Merrimack Valley, we invite you to ride!

Let’s Go/¡Vamos!

System Performance

The MVRTA has developed a performance based measurement program for fixed route and paratransit services in which we monitor the following categories:

1. On-time Performance
2. Valid Complaints
3. Preventable Accidents per 100,000 miles
4. Miles between Road Calls
5. Passenger per Revenue Mile
6. Passenger per Revenue Hour
7. Maintenance cost per Revenue Mile
8. Maintenance cost per Revenue Hours

Click here to see our key performance indicators for Fixed Routes and Paratransit.

We have assembled system performance data and will use this information to gauge our performance during the fiscal year (FY2019) against the 5 year average or benchmark.

The goal is to continue to improve our performance over time.

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